There are those who will try to hurt you in many situations. What is staggering is that when you try to move on from their association they will try even harder to bring you down to their level. They will kick you when your going through a depressed state to uplift their damaged selves. These group of people will try to mask their faces of evil by distracting others from their personal flaws at the expense of trying damage the dignity of others. These selfish people will also emotionally abuse you, lie on you, and criticize others beliefs and lifestyles while they deviously conspire against one another. They will offer your soul something to drink when you are thirsty, only for you to find that the drink they have offered you has a bitter taste like vinegar.

Do not allow them to make you bitter as they have become. Let not your heart be troubled over these people because they envy your lives. It does not matter if it is the same or opposite gender. These people may envy your happiness, possessions, strength, wit, intelligence, accomplishments, courage, and other spiritual and personal traits.

In today’s age there are cyber bullies, workplace bullies, school bullies, neighborhood bullies, and even bullies that run in families. They will talk about you whether you do bad or good. They will judge people who make mistakes by criticizing and ridiculing others. See this for what it is, they love to hate. These people are called “haters”.

People attacked by haters must recognize that what you don’t know won’t hurt you but what you decide to overlook in your life does. This is because you always have the free choice of having these dictators influence your life and any pain inflicted by them are not actually necessary. If you need strength to overcome these attempted setbacks, ask God to move these stumbling blocks from the path of your righteousness and don’t give in! In other words, love them regardless of their ignorance.